Pastoral Care



The PASTOR’S AID VISITORS is a group of women and men who volunteer to take responsibility for being a friendly and regular visitor to the shut-in members of the Knox congregation. Most of those they visit are seniors who are no longer able to attend worship services and be part of the fellowship of the Knox Church family. These senior members remain, in spite of circumstances, important and valued sisters and brothers in Christ Jesus. The Pastor’s Aid Visitors meet 4 times a year as a group to support each other and to share their concerns assuring that our shut-in members are cared for, and to discern ways in which these members can be meaningfully included as part of the Knox family. At Christmas time they deliver Poinsettias to our shut-in members. This Ministry at Knox has been ongoing for 105 years. YOU ARE INVITED! If you enjoy people, and would like to explore a compassionate and meaningful way to use your gifts and talents in the service of the mission of Christ Jesus then becoming a Pastor’s Aid Visitor may be a ministry for you. Please contact me for more information regarding this Pastor’s Aid Visitors ministry. Those of us who are unable to leave our homes receive a weekly letter.  These letter can be found under the Church@home page. 

Dr. Rev. Shirley Gale
Pastoral Assistant