The LOGOS Ministry

The LOGOS Ministry is a mid-week ministry that runs every Wednesday evening from 5:00pm to 7:30pm for 24 weeks from September to April. It is available to all school aged children from JK to Grade 12. LOGOS is based on the premise that relationships are important. This includes our relationship with God as well as relationships between children and children, children and adults and adults and adults. LOGOS had a defining philosophical statement: “You are a child of God and you shall be treated that way. No one may treat another person as if he/she does not matter.”

Every LOGOS evening consists of four parts: Family Time, Bible Study, Worship Skills and Rec/Play. Every week has a different wacky theme and dressing up to support the theme is encouraged.

LOGOS is run by a volunteer Board and includes many adult volunteers in its week to week operation. Members of the LOGOS Board are: Johan Olivier-Clergy, Nancy Stepien-Director, Karen Bellamy-Family Time Coordinator and Treasurer, Ann Wilson-Kitchen Coordinator, Chris Fischer-Worship Skills Coordinator and Carrie Gordon-Rec/Play Coordinator. The LOGOS Board and all LOGOS members were greatly saddened by the sudden death of Bible Study Coordinator, Linda Kenny on November 30th 2015. 

LOGOS offers a scholarship program for families facing financial burden. Approval of scholarship requests is made through consultation between the Director, Treasurer and Registrar. Money in the Scholarship Fund has been received through many generous donations from members of our congregation.  The Scholarship Program is a separate entry in the LOGOS accounting.

Nancy Stepien (on behalf of the LOGOS Board.)

For a printable 2015/2016 Registration form  click here

Knox LOGOS Facebook page

The page is at:
My request to any of you that have a Facebook account - it would be great if you would click on this link and then click on the "Like" it button. Spread the word about it to everyone you know that might be interested in it - and encourage them to "Like" it too! We trust that this will become another powerful way to promote this excellent ministry at Knox.