Small Groups

The focus and mission of our small group Lifestyle at Knox is found in our Family Declaration which reads:

The Lord is present
He is our Father who loves us and we are His children
Together we constitute a loving spiritual family that takes care of each other’s needs
In our fellowship our unity with Christ and each other becomes visible

Our goals are:

To praise and honour God
To love and serve each other in accordance with Christ’s command
To witness to others so that they may come to know God as their Father

Principles guiding our small group Lifestyle:

· We meet formally once a month
· We take care of one another
· Prayer
· Discover and develop our spiritual gifts
· Importance of the congregation and the church at large
· Multiplication
· Commitment

Our Small Group Leaders are:


Nancy Gordon

                                                                             Deb N

      Lisa Hough

       Ann Wilson


   Judy Steer


Linda Carthew